is there anyone who wants to co-own this tumblr

i’m back and i’m currently making some gifs!!! :D

"Do u guys follow backk? thankss x"
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we only follow 9 blogs but sure! we’d love to follow you back:) 

"Where's this from /post/5924020787 ?"
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aw they’re the cutest

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"you love diversity therefore i love you ok?"
asked by adventureinmygenes

aww love you too!

hi people i’d really love to know you all soo if you wanna talk to me, leave a message and don’t be afraid cause i don’t bite. :) i will answer your messages, either it’s diversity or non-diversity related, or even when you’re feeling sad you can talk to me about personal stuffs and i will answer it privately.. thankss :)

and just to get closer with the people on tumblr, i accept edits/gifs requests so yeaaah

muchlove xx